Ken has been instrumental in developing my career and personal growth. He is a solid leader and his mentorship skills are exceptional. He leads by example and sets a high standard. Ken is also passionate about coaching and developing others.
— Operations Manager
All of my interactions with Ken have been positive and enlightening. One particular issue that comes to mind is when Ken helped me through a difficult situation with an employee using DISC. It guided me on how to approach a tough conversation and the outcome could not have been better. Ultimately, Ken helped me realize that my struggles with this employee were things out of my control and I have subsequently hired a much more qualified individual (and used the DISC analysis to confirm he was a great fit both for the position and the culture of our organization!). Now I am able to focus on more important strategic tasks and rely on my team to handle the day-to-day issues.
— Maggie Kamla, Chief Financial Officer
Thank you Ken! I always walk away with a new understanding, technique or approach. It is so refreshing to be challenged in a way I am not sure I can explain. It helps me grow as a person. I don’t feel enough people get that experience. That’s what I always appreciate about you. You are an incredible Coach!
— Carrie Enders, HR Manager