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Assessment(s) Insight & Training

Invest in your Most Appreciable Asset.

  • DISC Personality Insight Assessments: Adult / Leadership / Hiring Reports / Concise Interview

  • JMT 360 Leadership Report

  • Maxwell Method of Impact: Sales Impact Report / Communication Impact Report / Growth Impact Report / College & Career Insight Report

One-on-One Executive Coaching

Creating greater Self Awareness. Your agenda. Your ownership. Your Empowerment. Your Accountability Partner. Raising your organizational leadership lid.

One on One High Potential / Emerging Leader Coaching

Influencing upward mobility. Emphasis on Human Behavior as a Foundation for Leadership. It's less about generations and more about behavioral patterns.

Human Behavior Workshop

Have an Assessment. Now What? Leveraging Cultural Language for greater levels of influence.

  • Know Yourself / Understand Others

  • Value the Uniqueness of Others and Their communication, working, learning, styles. / Building Complimentary Teams

  • Raising Organizational Effectiveness - Strategy / Alignment / Execution (Strategy / People / Operations

Leadership Development

  • Up leveling your Leadership Capacity - the ability to influence is a journey. Provide a deeper understanding of the various leadership levels required to sustain your effectiveness.



Strategic Business Guidance

  • Strategic Planning - Focus on Tomorrow with Intentionality

  • We Become How We Think - Strategic vs Tactical

  • Succession Planning - Nine Box Approach to People Development



Team Leadership Workshops

  • 360 Communication

  • Transition from Management to Leadership - the mindset shift in performance from Me to We

  • How to avoid Teamwork training - Early detection of dysfunctional teams to protect Trust.

  • Knowledge Transfer - Turning Producers into Reproducers.

  • Personal Ethics translates to your Business Core Values

  • Creating an environment of Accountability to drive Action



Business Building Through Operational Improvement

  • Creating Operational Capacity and a Culture of Operational Discipline

  • Systems / Processes evaluation to increase Efficiency and maximize Productivity ultimately Gross Margins

  • Delivering an Exceptional Customer Experience

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